Jane Lily is a business of love and passion in fashion bag. So, the owner’s got inspiration to create new kind of bag to utilities in fresh and cute style. Her product is also durable, light, reasonable in prices and meet the demand of every customer. As the brand is avoid to use leather, they find a perfect replacement. Finally, these genuine Thai products are made of oil coating canvas.

 The canvas is a new innovative material for manufacturing bags. It is also highly accepted by their clients. Apart from its vivid colors, it is waterproof and easy to clean. It is light and pretty durable. It can be used as long as a leather bag.

 The outstanding point of Jane Lily is their colorful patterns and finest cut. The lining canvas is the same pattern of the outer, so they are more beautiful than other brands. Importantly, the price is very reasonable, going along with the fine quality. After all, the weight and the durableness are their key attributes.

These days, Jane Lily opens two branches in Thailand. Of those, two are in Bangkok; MBK, and Siam Square One. And one branch in Dubai, U.A.E.